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I'm working with enameling since 2004. I regard Éva Hévizi as my master who's a "Noémi Ferenczy Prize" winning artist, whereas my mentor was Mihály Schéner "Kossuth Prize" winning painter. I became familiar with this technique in Kecskemét, where I realized the extremly creative potential of enameling. This is an art which is capable to express personal conception in a thousand different ways. I try to find my own simple ways. I am a painter and enamel artist. I tried mostly the techniques associated with painting. My favourite surface today is copper. I am enriching the facture with metalwork tools. I like the wonderful colours of copper-oxide. Possibly i try this to combine with the free-section jewellery-enameling. I found in enameling the wonder where elements of the earth come to life in the fire with the aid of water and air. I would like to express thoughts in pictures, such as an Embrace, the Power, etc.. It is very important for me , that with enamel the piece of art should be material and rich in enamel. I'm working with simple forms. It's rather the experience which suggests the content with the power of the enamel.


-I have made a couple of hundreds of artworks. These can be found in several private and public collections, galleries, public insitutions and office buildings.
-I work with unique materials developed by myself, thus creating a unique effects of colours.
-I have worked as a guest art educator in the Szent György Albert High School.
-Many of my works have been used by enterieur designers as in-store decorations.
-Occasionally I'm co-working as graphic designer on image projects for online and offline media.


2010 Enameling Jewerlydesign Course, International Enameling Creative Workshop, Kecskemét, Hungary
2010 Enameling Miniature Painting Course, International Enameling Creative Workshop, Kecskemét, Hungary
2009- Member of the Parlour of Siklós, Siklós, Hungary
2009 Photoshop Training, Ruander Centre, Budapest, Hungary
2005 Base-member of Fine Arts (Painting), National Association of Hungarian Artists, Budapest, Hungary
2004- Organiser of International Sympozia, International Enameling Creative Workshop, Kecskemét, Hungary
2002- Member of the Artcamp of Eger, Eger, Hungary
2001-04 Invited guest of the International Art Week, Wörschbach, Ausztria
1983-84 Master of Science, School of Natural Siences, JATE, Szeged, Hungary
1977-81 Bachelor of Teaching, Juhász Gyula Teachers’ Training College, Szeged, Hungary


2009 Prize of Kernstok Károly Art Foundation in the "In memoriam Csontváry Koszta Tivadar" National Art Exhibition
2009 First Prize of Békéscsaba, Summer Exhibition
2008 First Prize of Békéscsaba, Summer Exhibition
2002 First Prize of the International Artcamp of Békés